About JDCR

We, the members and officials of the Jo Daviess County Republican Central Committee, believe in the U.S. Constitution and the rights afforded to all our citizens. We believe that local and state governments are more prepared to deal with issues of local interest and that the federal government should economically deal with those issues of which it is constitutionally charged (defense, etc.) The family is cherished and the foundation most important for society, and we respect our seniors and honor our veterans. We invite immigrants that seek the American dream of opportunity and contribute a swatch of fabric that is the quilt of the American people. We look forward to a bright tomorrow with our citizens again inventive, innovative and mobilized to pursue the American dream and finding happiness with community, friends and family. Join us!

The Jo Daviess County Republican Central Committee is comprised of innovative thinkers, young and old, identifying new ways to serve the people of Jo Daviess County while maintaining our core values of family, country, community spirit and thrift. Each citizen brings ideas and effort that contributes a swatch of fabric that forms the quilt of this great county. We strongly believe in the ability of our family, friends and neighbors and we will work tirelessly to ensure the American dream is alive and well here in Jo Daviess County, in Illinois and in our great nation. Join us in our continuing support of the American dream and the GOP efforts to re-invigorate America. God bless each of you, God bless our troops and veterans, God bless our seniors and children and God Bless America.